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Ordinance 214 The "McGeHee Property" Future Site Of Wastewater Treatment Facility
Ordinance 227 Excise Tax On Sales Of Real Estate Property
Ordinance 231 Procedures For Lot Line Adjustments
Ordinance 232 Changing "726 Carriage Road" From Agricultural to Timber Space
Ordinance 280 "McGehee Property" legally is hereby annexed to the Town of South Prairie
Ordinance 284 Maximum Allowable Excise Tax Rate
Ordinance 294 Portion Of The East End Of First Street Is Hereby Vacated And Transferred To The Petitioner
Ordinance 325 Repealing Ord 285, Re-establishing the requiring the installation of concrete sidewalks.
Ordinance 328 Latecomers Agreements Terms And Conditions
Ordinance 351 Vacating A Portion Of An Alley Abutting Lots 1 Through 14 Of BISSON'S Fifth Addition
Ordinance 389 Acceptance Of "A" Street And "Tacoma AKA Washington Street Dedication
Ordinance 390 Approval Of The Cross Creek Short Plat
Ordinance 391 Approval Of The Cross Creek Variance To Allow Sidewalks On The Easterly Side Of The Road
Ordinance 412 Front Yard Set Back Requirements
Ordinance 427 Approval Of The Cross Creek Short Plat, Subject To Conditions
Ordinance 434 Authorizing A Real Estate Exchange Between The Town Of South Prairie And Doug Britschgi

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